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Welcome to Music, Sweet Sweet Music!  


Thirty years ago I composed my very first piece of muisc (a sonantina for piano) in a practice room at Kenyon College.


At the time I didn't even know that I knew how to write music! Indeed, I had signed myself up for that practice room to practice piano. But then I got so infuriated over a mistake I kept making over and over and over again that I (forgive me Mr. Swope) started banging out chords as loudly as I could to release some of my fury. A few moments into this tantrum, I noticed that I liked the sound of the chords I was playing. A few moments after that, I was writing down the first notes of my first compostion on a piece of manuscript paper.


And that's how it all began.


And here, on this website, is how I begin to share the music I have written with you. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Music that is currently available: 


NEW!!! - The Secret Garden (a collection of songs inspired by the classic children's novel of the same name)


also available: 


Baker's Dozen (a CD of love songs) 


All My Life (a "pop" single) 


Songs of the Siddur (songs inspired by prayers and poems from the Jewish prayerbook)


Sunshine Songs (songs to heal and relax) 


If you would like to be notified when a new song or album is added to this site please Contact Me and I will add you to my mailing/email list.  




Linda Couch, a self-taught portrait artist and illustrator from Springfield, Oregon, created the artwork for "The Secret Garden" and "Baker's Dozen" that appears on this website and on


Mark Hurwit created the cover for the CD of "Baker's Dozen".


Amy Malkoff created this website.   


All music was recorded by Anthony Proveaux.


Rabbi Sheila Peltz Weinberg wrote the poems that inspired the songs Every Day and Open the Passageways. Her poems are used with her permission. 


Rabbi Rami M. Shapiro wrote the poem that inspired the song Hallow Creation. His poem is used wih his permission. 


The lyrics for the Sunshine Songs come from a song written by the Incredible String Band. (Though others say that it is an ancient Celtic tune.)


All other lyrics I either wrote myself or are from the public domain.


Unless otherwise indicated, I composed all of the music.

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