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Kundalini Yoga Glossary

I started work on this glossary when I first became a Kundalini Yoga teacher.  As I didn't have the answer to all of my students questions in my head, I wanted to have them at my fingertips.  Bringing my entire library of yoga books to class with me was, of course, completely impractical. Besides, trying to remember which book contained the information I was looking for, and then locating that information in the book itself, was a task I did not want to spend class time on. So, I bought a three-ring binder and a set of alphabet page dividers and set to work collecting entries for my glossary.  Many hours later, after printing out the first edition of the glossary, I discovered that it had other uses I hadn't anticipated.  I have, for example, used it to create handouts on topics of interest for my students that I have either shared in class or sent to them by email and found it invaluable as a source for quotations about Kundalini Yoga to use in advertising  my classes.   It has also become a wonderful way to archive my ever-growing collection of Yogi Bhajan quotations.  


In this glossary you will find: 


1.) Information about Kundalini Yoga taken from eighteen different sources. 

2.) Entries on topics ranging from "armpits" and "aparigraha" to "yamas" and "yogi" with all sorts of useful and inspiring information in between. 

3.) Handouts on a variety of topics to share both with your students and with other yoga teachers


Though I have shared this glossary with my yoga friends here in Oregon, I am delighted to be able to now share it with all of you through my website.   I hope it will prove to be a valuable resource for you. If you would like to have a copy of the Microsoft Word version of the glossary please contact me and I would be happy to email it to you.  


If your life has benefited from the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, please consider making a donation of your own.  Donations can be sent to: 


The Kundalini Research Institute

P.O. Box 1819

Santa Cruz, New Mexico 87567


Or made online at:


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