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Ballet Barre & Beyond

When my father was a dancer with Joffrey Ballet Company in Boston, there was always a pianist at his ballet classes to provide music for the dancers.  He has been encouraging me for years to work as a pianist in a ballet studio so that other young dancers can have what he considers considers to be the incomparable and invaluable experience of dancing to live music.  Though I fully intend to do exactly what my father told me to do, I thought that, in the meantime, I would share the music he selected (over the phone!) for Ballet Barre, Adagio and other parts of a ballet class on this website.  So, until I have the opportunity to play for a ballet class myself, I hope this music can be enjoyed and danced to by ballet students either at home or in the studios where they study.  Not live of course, but perhaps new and inspiring nonetheless.

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