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Mul Mantra

Ek ong kaar     The Creator and all creation are One

sat naam     This is our true identity

kartaa purakh     The Doer of everything

nirbho     Beyond fear

nirvair     Beyond revenge

Akaal     moortImage of the infinite

ajoonee     Unborn

saibhang     Self-illumined

gurprasaad     This is the Guru's gift

Jap!     Meditate!

Aad such     Primal truth

jugad such     True through all time

haibhee such     True at this instant

Naanak hosee bhee such     O Nanak, forever true


These are the first words of the Sir Guru Granth Sahib, uttered by Guru Nanak. The highest of all mantras, it contains the root of sound that is the basis of all effective mantras. Sahej Sukh Dhian: the comfortable and happy way to meditate that is perfectly balanced.  The goal of life is to stay imperfect flow and contact with the perception of the soul at each moment. Imbalance comes when we forget the reality of God and Guru in our soul. This mantra orients like a compass towards God.  It forms the basis of he consciousness of our very soul. (The Aquarian Teacher. Espanola, New Mexico: Kundalini Research Institute 2007) 


Multiple versions of this mantra coming soon.

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